Instead of worrying about how your reports and brochures look, focus on creating great content and leave the rest to me.

If you want your documents to be better than they are and do the work they’re supposed to, but you don’t have the time or expertise to finesse the design, making it user-friendly, polished, and on brand, I’ve got your back.
I have the skills to craft beautiful, professional reports, proposals and business collateral that help you stand out from the crowd. Get ready to win the job, wow the investor, and have your readers sit up and take notice!

I love the challenges that all documents bring, but here are some of my very favorite project types:

Annual Reports

The perfect balance of high quality photography or illustration, data and figures, and wayfinding, let me bring out the best in your annual report! Highlight important programs with sidebars, punctuate your most important thoughts with pull quotes and let your numbers do the talking with sleek graphs and charts.

Planning or Development Documents

Whether you’re approaching public officials, representing your ideas to the public, or convincing an investor to take a chance on you, a professional document is a great tool to have in your belt. I’ll make your ideas shine, highlighting quick facts and organizing sections for easy navigation for your readers. My background in city and regional planning makes this one of my favorite projects to get involved with!

Program Booklets

The perfect complement to your event material design, your booklet will incorporate all of the design elements while balancing text, sponsor ads, educational pieces, and more. Whether it’s 4 pages or 40, we’ll create an elegant and useful piece to cap off your event!


Responding to an RFP with a polished proposal helps you stand out from the crowd! Highlight the accomplishments of your firm or organization, while detailing your approach to the project, supported by top-notch visuals.

Tear Sheets

These are actually a set of pages, highlighting different projects or parts of your organization on separate pages. Tear sheets can be combined in different ways, so you can tailor your presentation to a specific client by representing projects for similar companies.

Other documents

Real estate listings, EBooks, museum brochures, promotional brochures, informational sheets, worksheets.

These are just some examples of documents your business or organization might need. Get in touch to get my design brain working on YOUR materials!

When following up with clients, they often mention receiving our mailers and other marketing materials. We feel it projects the type of image that is consistent with our brand, which was created by Kate.
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Let's get started on your documents today!

How It Works

Questionnaire and info gathering

  • Fill out my intake form so I can get some information about your document needs.
  • I’ll discuss your needs with you a little further and draw up a custom proposal that fits your budget.
  • We’ll both sign the contract online (no printing and scanning, don’t worry!) and get your project on my schedule.
  • We’ll have a kick-off discussion (either through phone, video, or email) where we go over the tone of your document, who your target audience is, and what your existing branding is.

Initial design and feedback

  • You’ll provide content for the document, including any visual assets you want to include.
  • I’ll design a few pages of the document, including some major elements (pull quotes, sidebars, etc) and present them to you for review.
  • You’ll provide feedback within a week on the sample pages and I’ll fine tune the design.

Final document

  • I’ll use the sample pages to build out the entire document, making everything consistent and engaging.
  • You’ll have a chance to review your content and make small changes. (Major restructuring of your content at this stage can result in an additional fee, so make sure your text is as ready as possible before you send it off!)
  • I’ll prepare a final version of your document and work directly with your printer (I can help you find one if you don’t have that relationship already), prep files for in-house printing, and/or create a version ideal for uploading to the web or attaching to emails.

Let’s get those documents looking fantastic!

Kate is very responsive, creative and focused on meeting our deadlines. I do not have the capability to design my documents in-house, so I did not hesitate to outsource this work.
Matt BrownCommercial RealtorWagenbrenner Company

Inquire about Retainer Agreements

Does your business or organization produce a lot of documents and you need services regularly?

I work with a select number of clients on retainer, so they get premium access to me and top priority. I get to know them and their branding backwards and forwards, so they save time and money. We’ll develop a house style that can be varied for different projects or programs and keep all of your output consistent. Interested in a retainer agreement? Drop me a line!