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How design can help you through a name change

How design can help you through a name change

When you’re established in your industry or community, changing your name can be really intimidating. Here’s how you can use your existing branding and design to ease the transition.

Balancing spending for non-profits

A non-profit who is trying to bootstrap their materials may be missing out on the benefits of a more professional approach. But an organization who pours money into their materials can come off as spending too much on overhead and not enough on the programs people want to see supported.

Design helps you attract more donors

While the most important factors of your organization are the mission, programs, and the change you bring to the world, well-designed materials are a tool to help you communicate that better.

Kate’s assistance with creating professionally designed materials has enabled us to expand our reach and ability to “touch” clients in more ways that traditional means, such as by phone and email. In our opinion, the value of this exposure would be greatly diminished if not for the well thought out look and feel of our documents.
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