Smart, professional, engaging document design and event material design for businesses and non-profits.
Document DesignEvent Material Design

You are the top of your field, creating programs and plans that improve the world and help your clients do their jobs better. You have high standards when it comes to the materials you put out, but lack the time and expertise to get them looking the way they do in your head. You also know that people value content which is thoughtfully and intentionally designed. This is EXACTLY what I do!

Think of me as your company’s in-house designer, working to build cohesive materials that strengthen your brand and present you professionally. (It’s just, you know, MY house instead of yours.) In my hands, your documents and event materials will shine, showcasing all of your hard work and brilliant ideas.

I’ll work to target YOUR audience with each piece, connecting directly to them and making sure they take notice of all of the important details.

You focus on what you’re great at and let me take care of the rest!

When following up with clients, they often mention receiving our mailers and other marketing materials. We feel it projects the type of image that is consistent with our brand, which was created by Kate.
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