Event materials that are cohesive and thought-out will provide a special experience for your guests and cement your organization in their minds.

Whether it’s a fundraiser or community engagement, every event is an opportunity to engage directly with your audience, providing them a cohesive experience and strengthening your brand and platform. Just as there are a million little details to plan for the logistics of your event, there are tons of ways I can incorporate design into your event materials. Relax, you don’t have to come up with all of them, that’s what I’m here for!

Go Red for Women luncheon materials
Go Red for Women luncheon materials

Need help making your event stand out from the crowd?

I design invitations, advertising and day-of materials that wow your audience.

There are a lot of opportunities to develop the look of the event: the initial save the date; multi-part invitation suites; flyers or posters; newspaper advertising; social media or newsletter graphics; signage at the event; program booklet; handouts; menus; activity worksheets and much more. Each item will build on the others so they all speak the same visual language but provide richness and shading.

I was incredibly pleased to work with Kate! She designed a wonderful and intricate suite from the general ideas I had expressed to her. Attention to detail and quick communication made working with Kate very easy.
Heather Loneck-JenkinsPrivate Event

Let's get started on your event materials today!

Go Red for Women luncheon materials

How It Works

Questionnaire and info gathering

  • Fill out my intake form so I can get some information about your event needs.
  • I’ll discuss a few possibilities with you and then put together a custom quote for your event that fits your budget.
  • We’ll both sign the contract online (no printing and scanning, don’t worry!) and get your event on my schedule.
  • We’ll have a kick-off discussion (either through phone, video, or email) where we go over the tone and message of your event, who your target audience is, and what your existing branding is.

First Design

  • You’ll provide content for the first pieces (usually a save the date and/or invitation or flyer).
  • I’ll design a few concepts that connect directly to your audience for you to choose from.
  • You’ll provide feedback within a few days on the concepts and I’ll fine tune the first piece. (This may be repeated a few times until your material is PERFECT.)

The Other Pieces

  • Once we have a design for the first piece, I’ll use that as the guide for designing everything else for the event. You can provide content as it’s available, but as a general rule, it’s best to start a piece at least a month before it needs to be produced.
Go Red for Women luncheon materials
Go Red for Women luncheon materials


  • If items need to be professionally printed, I’ll work with your printer (or find one if you don’t already have that relationship) to make sure your materials are produced beautifully.

Every item will fit together flawlessly, with repeating details and motifs that make your event special. Your branding will be woven into the design, from the colors to shapes and visuals to the voice used in the materials, so it’s clear that YOU are the organization behind it. The materials will appeal directly to your audience, whether they’re four year olds, young professionals, or society ladies.

Kate is more than a graphic designer. She is a true marketing partner. She provides big-picture analysis, ideas and strategies to help strengthen any design piece. At the same time, she’s detail-oriented enough to create beautiful work and ensure every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed. I’d recommend Kate to anyone looking for a design consultant.
Michelle BretscherPrincipalMTB Marketing Solutions, LLC

Inquire about Retainer Agreements

Does your business or organization throw a ton of events and need services regularly?

I work with a select number of clients on retainer, so they get premium access to me and top priority. I get to know them and their branding backwards and forwards, so they save time and money. Interested in a retainer agreement? Drop me a line!