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Boost engagement and course completion, help users take meaningful action, and position yourself as THE digital learning tool creator who makes things happen

Interactive PDFs are perfect tools for:

Digital course workbooks that boost engaged learning

High-value lead magnets that serve as reusable, actionable tools

Coaching materials that lead the user through a process

And templates for your business that 

It was so cool that I had an idea of what I wanted the PDF to do and you brought it to life – even though you weren’t sure it was possible! I LOVE getting customer feedback on the functionality too – I feel like it’s changed the way a lot of people think about PDFs as a format. It makes DOING the thing so goddamn easy (and therefore makes THEM far more likely to take action!)

I’ve never seen a PDF do what the Sidekick does – and a lot of my customers haven’t either! It feels like it broke new ground, and that’s pretty bloody cool. I had a vision, you had the skills, and the rest is history!

Kirsty Fanton

Social Proof Sidekick

Already have a lead magnet, workbook, or other document in the works?

If you already know that interactivity is a good fit for you, we can discuss options for your interactive PDF right now. If your content is mostly written, you can book a consultation and we’ll discuss how to weave interactivity throughout your project to boost learning, remove friction for your users, and help your product stand out.

A consultation consists of a 90-minute video call to discuss your existing material, a written report showing which types of interactivity are a good fit for your unique content, a page architecture cheat sheet to help get a handle on page elements you can incorporate into your material to guide readers or reinforce messaging, and a link to the recording so you can review our discussion while you finish structuring your content.

I went into our call knowing that I wanted to harness the magic of an interactive workbook, but clueless as to how it could actually work to make sure said workbook helped my clients achieve their results with as much fun and ease as possible.

Now, going into the stage of ‘finishing putting workbook together’ so it’s ready to be ‘interactivity-ified’, I’m SO GLORIOUSLY CLEAR on how to structure my workbook to get the most of the interactivity for *my* unique offer.

This is gonna make putting together the final draft of the workbook a breeze, and make the final product as effective as possible. It’s gonna live next to my computer and be dog-eared by the time I’m done!

Miish Grixti

Sales Page Brilliance

Interactivity seemed like a great add on [to my course] that would actually get people to USE the material. I thought it would make a higher end product that delivered more value. People remember what they work with and this encourages them to get hands-on b/c it’s kind of fun as opposed to work.

[Our project] opened my mind and I saw there was a great tool available to make learning easier – and I knew nothing about it at the time.

Amy Posner

No Sweat Sales Calls