Lead Magnet with Complex Calculations and Tool Tips

The Need

Boost Profits were looking to increase their email list while sharing valuable and actionable information with potential clients. They particularly were interested in helping business owners and sales people identify how small changes in closing ratio and/or price affect overall profits.

The Project

While the company had an existing Excel spreadsheet that covered these profit levers, it left minimal opportunity for creative branding and additional instruction, so they were interested in creating a PDF lead magnet that was both a valuable tool as well as an extension of their branding. They were also interested in adding a quarterly priority tracker that could be reused, making it a document people were likely to return to.

The Process

I designed a bright and colorful 2-page PDF that incorporated the branding of the company in a memorable way. For the profit lever page, I created fields for users to input data about their company’s revenue and sales. Calculated fields then show profits and discovery meetings required to meet growth goals. The profit lever fields allow the user to enter small percentage changes and watch that it does to the overall profit.

In addition to the calculated fields, I added elements to the document that appear after a user has entered data, to explain the effects that the company wanted to emphasize. The profit levers also should only be expressed in whole numbers, without a percentage symbol, so I created a branded tool tip about format that appears when a user clicks into the field to enter the data.

On the quarterly priority tracker, I created rows of fields under three areas and set up a coded button allowing users to easily reset the fields for the following quarter’s planning process. By making it a reusable tool, it is more likely to become a document the users open regularly, thus increasing their exposure to the branding and building their familiarity with Boost Profits.

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