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Finding your own stock photography or illustrations for a project can be super intimidating. This guide will walk you through the basics, from finding images that look GREAT together and work well in your project, to wrapping your head around file types so you can be sure you’re buying the right thing, to some of my favorite sources and ways of picking up new assets. I finish by showing how I run a search for visuals for a project so you can see my methods. I hope you find it helpful!

Part 1: Tips for Success

Learn how to choose pictures or illustrations that are useful for your project and feel cohesive with each other.

Part 2: File Types

Demystify the different kinds of files and make sure you’re purchasing an asset that works for the size of your materials.

Part 3: Sources

A collection of great resources, including paid and free sites, plus advice on different buying options.

Part 4: Sample Search

Follow along with a sample visual search with lots of screenshots so you can see my exact process.

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