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5 design elements to make your documents shine

Whether you DIY or work with a designer on your documents, knowledge of these 5 design tricks can help you get your documents in to shape. Knowing you want to use these elements will improve the organization of your document and come up with a strategy for presenting your content in the best light!

Freelance lessons I learned from my toddler

My small human turns 2 today, so please indulge my sensitive side while I tell you a little bit about the lessons I’ve learned from him that I can apply to my business as a freelancer.

4 Benefits a Designer on Retainer Can Bring to Your Company

If your organization lacks its own design department, you might be constantly scrambling to work with freelancers to get your projects tackled. The endless cycle of bidding work out to designers, making the decisions, signing contracts, getting new people up to speed, it can be exhausting and lead to disjointed work.

What are image dimensions and why do they matter?

Even though images are digital files, they have measurements. These measurements, known as dimensions, are key to understanding what you can use an image for. Maybe you’re working with a designer and they just said “this image isn’t big enough, do you have anything bigger?” and you’re not sure what to do next.

When I partner with Kate on a project, I know that my expectations will be exceeded. She delivers creative and functional designs– on time and on budget. Her attention to detail and follow through are exceptional.
Michelle BretscherPresidentMTB Marketing Solutions, LLC

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