American Heart Association Go Red for Women Luncheon 2016

Following my work the previous two years (see the “1 in 3” and “who are you fighting for” campaigns), the client was looking for something completely different as far as visuals. While the previous events had featured diverse images, showing women of all ages, ethnicities, and positions, this year needed a campaign which made it truly easy for the recipient to insert herself into the story.

Taking inspiration from an illustrated video being used by the American Heart Association nationally, I developed illustrations of a variety of situations featuring women at different stages of their lives. The connective threads join every heart together, weaving into a tapestry of community, and leave strategic spaces for copy within the invitation suite.

The threads also created a heart motif, which I replicated across multiple pieces as a frame for important text. I also adapted the flowing threads into a title underline and footer and page number wrap in the program. I worked with an animation company to provide the building blocks for an animated visual piece they created for the luncheon.

Project Details

Client American Heart Association – Columbus chapter
Details Campaign for the Go Red for Women luncheon for one of the largest local chapters in the United States
Elements Invitation suite, newspaper and magazine ads, 44-page program booklet, donation card, signage, presentation template, concept development, illustration, building blocks for animated background during the luncheon

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