Children’s Program Event Materials

The client runs a community program that distributes free books to children and frequently puts on events. These events are aimed at different age groups of kids and are a mix of educational, play-based, and entertainment.

For each program, I worked with my contact to identify the age group and the theme of the event. I presented my client with asset options that were appealing to the target age group, and I often edited the chosen assets to reflect the organization’s branding or the location for the event. I chose playful typography for each event that would connect better with the programming, and developed a consistent approach for some of the events targeted towards the youngest age groups to build familiarity with parents.

Once we decided on the appropriate visual for the event, I designed a variety of promotional materials, including flyers, handouts, posters, web graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite, and newsletters. As the events were frequently produced in conjunction with other organizations or featured entertainers, I also worked with the client to collect appropriate logos and headshots from the talent. In addition, the parent organization occasionally jointly sponsored these events, so some had an “adult” equivalent of promotional materials for the same event which I designed.

Often the print materials would be produced in-house, so I took printer margins into consideration with my designs. Graphics for use on social media reflected the constraints of various layouts (overlays on a Facebook cover image, text on top of an Eventbrite header, in-timeline cropping of images on Twitter) and I kept up to date with changes to the platforms to make sure images displayed correctly prior to an event. Providing a variety of formats for promotion across multiple platforms helped the client to increase awareness of her programming.

Some events included day-of materials such as signage as well. The COSI community program included an elaborate passport activity, with eight stations around the museum that the children had to locate. At each station (marked with a large sign), the participants could receive a sticker in their paper passport. I designed all of the materials for this activity, plus a print agenda for the event and worked with the client on the strategy for her to produce the materials in-house to save money.

By creating custom event materials, I was able to provide variety and excitement for the organization, while communicating the theme and atmosphere of the events with visual cues. I worked with the client to find best solutions for producing the materials in a cost-effective manner and supported a multi-platform promotional effort.

Project Details

Client PJ Library, a division of Jewish Federation of Columbus
Project Promotional print and web designs for a variety of events, ranging from entertainment, community gatherings, educational experiences, literacy-based efforts, and play-based activities
Elements Asset research, print design, web graphics design, signage, additional collateral, print management

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