Ready to run the race together?

In high school, I was my cross-country coach’s least favorite person.

I showed up, was a good teammate, and tried reasonably hard, despite not really having much natural aptitude for sports.

But I spent every race encouraging everyone on the course, whether they were my teammate or not.

If I came up behind someone who was walking, I’d breathlessly encourage them to keep moving.

Because they were a human in the world, doing something hard (that I was also doing).

“You can run a bit more, it’ll feel so good to go a little further!”

Often these people would start moving again, prompted at least in part by my encouragement. Often they would beat me in the end, because I was not fast.

I have no competitive bones in my body, I am here to cheer everyone on.

If you have a goal that you’re trying to reach, sometimes knowing that someone is in your corner makes the difference.

Enter Progress Pals

I’m so stoked to be starting Progress Pals, a free accountability club for people who are tired of setting business or life goals alone and thrive on external motivation.

Starting in January, you’ll get an opportunity to set a bigger goal for the month. Every week, you’ll receive an email prompt from me, checking in on both your larger monthly goal and what steps you took to achieve it that week.

You can reply and tell me what you’ve accomplished and commit to the next steps. I’ll reply back to you and cheer you on!

“Good job running a bit more, doesn’t that feel great?”

I know Kate’s brand of enthusiasm and encouragement and need more of it in my life.

I frequently forget how well external accountability works for me because most of my childhood I received negative reinforcement and I thought that meant I just need to be internally motivated at all times. But having someone cheer FOR me makes a huge positive difference.

I do consider myself fairly self-motivated, but the extra layer of getting to brag about myself gives me the extra gas to get over the finish line.


Okay, but what if you miss the mark?

I’m a firm believer in reshuffling priorities when you need to. Setting a big goal feels great, but if something comes up in your life or you don’t have the mental spoons to take the steps you wanted, you’re not going to be chastised, promise.

Because the point is to keep running a little bit more if you can. Because it feels better to do just a little bit more, whether you’re winning this race or not.

Let’s all cross this finish line and be stoked about it when we do!

So what exactly do you get when you sign up for Progress Pals?

On the first Friday of each month, you’ll receive an email from me encouraging you to set a goal for the month and some smaller steps towards it. Each Friday after that, I’ll check in to see how you did the previous week and give you a prompt about the next week. At the end of the month, we’ll celebrate what you did!

To help you track your progress, you’ll receive an invitation to a shared Google Sheets file with me where I’ll record what you committed to and you can see your progress. If you forget your tasks, you can always pop in there.

I’ll also be running alongside you. I’ll set goals each month and commit to tasks. I’ve been publicly committing to goals on my newsletter and then checking in on them. This kind of accountability has helped me move forward with internal business stuff SO well that I’m really stoked to offer it 1:1 for my readers!

I like to challenge myself, and keep track and progress toward my personal goals. Just like a gym, this club will provide me with camaraderie and motivation.

Having to share the goals I set at the beginning of the week kept them on my mind – or at least the need to be intentional.


So, are you ready to be an Progress Pal and run this race together?