Improve your lead magnet and turn your subscribers into superfans

Gone are the days of the static info-dump lead magnet. Rethink your approach to help your new subscriber take action on your knowledge!

Time to reconsider the hard-working lead magnet

Think about the lead magnet you offer your audience right now. Does it have a specific goal? Are you helping them to take a particular action?

Or have you plopped some of your (admittedly genius) expertise in a PDF, email course, or other format and left your readers to their own devices?

These are the kinds of lead magnets that are most likely to gather digital dust in a downloads folder, glanced at quickly or never even opened.

I help my clients build lead magnets that focus on specific and concrete action, one that provides real value for their target subscriber.

Because a lead magnet that achieves a goal for the user demonstrates your generosity. They know you care about their progress.

They’re ready to learn from you and embrace you as a problem-solver.

When you incorporate interactivity into your PDF lead magnet, you can create a high-value tool for your audience. You’ll have the opportunity to offer a taste of your premium course, a preview of your coaching, or a super-aligned follow-up action to a webinar, podcast appearance, or conference presentation.

I LOVE getting customer feedback on the functionality too – I feel like it’s changed the way a lot of people think about PDFs as a format. It makes DOING the thing so goddamn easy (and therefore makes THEM far more likely to take action!)

Kirsty Fanton

Social Proof Sidekick

Let’s back up and talk about interactive PDFs

In an interactive PDF. links, fields, and page elements come together to create a super-unique experience for the user.

Interactivity can:

  • move information around, letting you teach a process one step at a time
  • show on-the-spot tooltips, coaching, or encouragement for users
  • incorporate calculations alongside instruction to create valuable context for understanding the numbers
  • build a template step-by-step from pre-written text and user customization

All of this is delivered in the easily distributed format of a PDF.

Interactivity can transform your lead magnet into an action-taking tool for your subscribers

In short, if you’re trying to teach someone a process or guide them through decisions, interactivity can probably improve it.

If your goal is to help someone take action in one of the following ways, you’re probably a good fit!

Brainstorming and moving reflections throughout the document

Examples: name your podcast, create your ideal client avatar, or explore your relationship with money

Teaching or building on a process one step at a time

Examples: walk people through your coaching framework, gather voice-of-customer interviews, or map out your customer support process

Narrowing down and choosing between different ideas

Examples: choosing SEO keywords, picking a platform for a digital course, deciding on a word of the year

Framing calculations in narration

Examples: calculating a project rate that includes CEO time, estimating bridal package costs, or setting fundraising goals

Templatized text that you allow someone to customize

Examples: a boundary-setting email, a series of sales call questions, or a cold pitch for selling photography services

Let’s hop on a call and explore ways to boost your lead magnet’s value, to bring the right people into your list and demonstrate your generosity and knowledge right from the start. Remember, if they’re barely opening it and definitely not using it, your lead magnet isĀ not doing the work it could be to establish you as an expert. Instead, help someone accomplish a specific, useful action and turn them into your biggest fan by having a real impact for them!

How the lead magnet audit works!

You’ll send me 1 existing lead magnet and answer a few basic questions so I can get a sense of who you’re serving and what you want them to do with your lead magnet. We’ll hop on a 30 minute Zoom and I will dish how you can pivot what you already have and make it more effective.

You won’t receive a finished PDF nor are you obligated to hire me to redo your lead magnet. However, if you want to book a project, I would be delighted to help bring your vision to life! While I will focus on interactive features, some of the ideas can be translated to static PDFs or even other formats, just without some of the convenience for the end user.

In exchange for great ideas, I may be using the recording of our call for content down the line to help other people just like you understand how I can help them!

Interactivity seemed like a great add on [to my course] that would actually get people to USE the material. I thought it would make a higher end product that delivered more value. People remember what they work with and this encourages them to get hands-on b/c it’s kind of fun as opposed to work.

[Our project] opened my mind and I saw there was a great tool available to make learning easier – and I knew nothing about it at the time.

Amy Posner

No Sweat Sales Calls